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Your Junk, Our Trunk

Clutter, debris, rubbish and trash - oh my! Whether it’s piled sky high in your garage, collecting dust in a storage unit somewhere, or creeping into every corner of your attic, let us help you reclaim your space with smart, sustainable junk removal. Based in Charleston, Ready Set Junk offers fast, efficient residential and commercial trash and junk removal services with the goal of reducing waste by recycling, repurposing or reusing most of what we take away.


Let us do the dirty work. Reclaim your space today!


What We Do

Moving Prep

We’ve all been there - moving to a new spot and, all of a sudden, you become acutely aware of all the accumulated stuff you have and don't want to take with you. Don't worry; we’ve got you covered! Be sure to ask us about our special rates if you have our team manage both your junk removal and move itself through our sister company, Ready Set Movers.

Donation Pick-Up + Delivery

Have boxes of goods or gently used furniture that you’d like for someone else to enjoy? RSJ will take your donations to several local non-profits across the Lowcountry. If you have a specific organization you’d like us to give your items to, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Complete Clean Out

From cluttered garages to stuffed storage units and all the trash in between, we will take your junk out of sight and out of mind. We also do shed and hot tub demos and removals.

Estate Clean Out & Downsizing

Have a family member who is looking to downsize and need help sifting through years of stuff and clutter? Room by room, RSJ will help you sort through it all, support you through the decision-making process and take away anything you don’t want to keep.

Construction Clean Up

Did your kitchen remodel or bathroom revamp leave your home or office a bit of a mess? Let us help haul off the trash and debris so you can get to enjoying the fruits of your home improvement project.

Electronic Waste Removal

Not all junk can be handled the same. Electronic waste, such as TV’s, computers or copiers/shredders, require some added measures for safe, green removal and disposal. Let RSJ do the heavy lifting and legwork for you all while being a friend to mother nature.

Hoarding Clean Out

Hoarding can make for a delicate situation around a serious, hazardous mess. Handled with care, RSJ provides a patient and supportive approach to help safely and thoroughly clean up a hoarder’s space.  

Business Services

Is junk and trash removal a regular need for your business? We work with organizations of all sizes across industries to come up with clean-out schedules and payment plans that make the most sense for your business. Ask us how to become a commercial partner!


How it works

RSJ Pricing Graphic (2).png

RSJ does all-inclusive pricing (pick-up, recycling/repurposing and disposal) based on volume - essentially, pricing runs by how much space your stuff takes up in our 14’ truck. Starting with the $99 pick up base, pricing increments run by each quarter of our truck your junk fills up. Worry not, we dig tetris and have a knack for packing the most into every square inch.  

Price Breakdown:

¼ truck: $99 + $125

½ truck: $99 + $250

¾ truck: $99 + $375

Full truck: $99 + $500

who we are

Ready Set Junk is the sister company of Ready Set Movers, the Charleston-based moving company making both local and interstate moves easy since 2010. Inspired by abundant requests to help clean out homes and offices before moving day, Ready Set Junk was founded in 2018 to provide sustainable, stress-free junk and trash removal.  

Our Team




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